The Argentine tango is a dance that can unleash strong emotions, but to feel comfortable and move elegantly in this storm of sensations and feelings, it is important to wear the appropriate attire. In this article, you will discover how to choose the perfect clothing for the Argentine tango and where to purchase it, as well as tips on how to take care of your clothing.

The Importance of Clothing for the Argentine Tango

To dance the Argentine tango, the right attire is essential to feel comfortable and move elegantly. Wearing clothes that are too tight or too loose can limit movement and make the dance less fluid. Additionally, the chosen attire must be suitable for the occasion and context in which you are dancing. For example, in a formal tango event (milonga) it is recommended to wear elegant attire, while in a tango lesson or informal practice, more comfortable clothing can be worn.

The History of Argentine Tango Clothing

The clothing for the Argentine tango has an interesting and complex history. At the beginning of the 20th century, tango dancers wore simple street clothes, the same pants and shirts used on a daily basis. However, over time the attire evolved to become more elegant and acquired its own peculiar form. In the 1930s and 1940s, women began to wear long, low-cut dresses, while men opted for tuxedos or elegant attire. In subsequent years, tango attire continued to evolve, but elegance and formality remained constant.

How to Choose Clothing for the Argentine Tango

To choose the appropriate attire for the Argentine tango, it is important to consider factors such as comfort, freedom of movement, and the occasion. For women, it is recommended to wear dresses that are not too long and follow the lines of the body. They should not be too tight or too loose, as in both cases they would risk hindering many dance movements or making movements such as ganchos or voleos uncomfortable. Men can opt for elegant pants with a wide thigh that narrows towards the ankle, generally with three creases. The hem is longer than normal. How to measure it correctly? Try the pants without shoes and make the hem of your pants exactly where the back of your leg touches the floor. A hem that long will cover your socks and give more drape to your pants during your dance. In addition to pants, in a milonga, shirts are usually worn, in recent years brightly colored or bold wild patterns are in fashion. T-shirts are not excluded, but certainly less used than shirts. Some choose more elegant solutions like suits and ties, and others enhance their outfit with vests that, depending on the case, can make the combination more elegant or more cheerful and colorful. In any case, it is important to ensure that the attire does not limit movement. The preferred fabric should be frescolana, linen, or cotton, but often for cost and ease of care, blends of these fabrics or synthetic materials are used.

Where to buy tango attire

There are many places to buy tango attire, including specialty dance stores, online retailers, and even some department stores. It is recommended to try on the attire before purchasing to ensure a proper fit and comfort. In some cities, there are also local boutiques that specialize in tango attire. When shopping online, be sure to read reviews and check the sizing chart to ensure that you are ordering the correct size.

Taking care of tango attire

Taking care of your tango attire is important to maintain its appearance and longevity. It is recommended to hand wash or gentle machine wash, and hang dry the attire. Avoid using harsh detergents or bleach, and avoid ironing on high heat as this can damage the fabric. Store the attire properly, avoiding damp or humid environments, to prevent damage and keep it in good condition for future use.
In conclusion, the right tango attire is important for comfort and elegance in the dance. Choose attire that is suitable for the occasion and allows for freedom of movement. Purchase from reputable sources and take care of the attire to keep it in good condition for future use.

Where to buy Argentine Tango Clothing

Argentine Tango clothing can be found at specialty dancewear stores or online dancewear shops. It is also possible to find vintage or retro tango clothing in thrift stores or vintage clothing shops. Some online stores even offer custom-made tango clothing, allowing you to create the perfect outfit to suit your personal style and comfort.

Caring for your Argentine Tango Clothing

To ensure that your tango clothing lasts for many dances to come, it is important to take good care of it. Hand-wash or machine-wash gentle in cold water, and hang or lay flat to dry. Avoid using fabric softeners or harsh chemicals, as these can damage the fabric and cause fading or shrinkage. Store your tango clothing in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.


The right Argentine Tango clothing is essential for feeling comfortable and moving with elegance on the dance floor. With a little care and attention, your tango clothing can last for years, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the passionate and emotional world of tango dancing.