Mariano Chicho Frumboli Juana Sepulveda

Chicho Frumboli, the new rhythm of the tango

Mariano Chicho Frumboli , Argentine dancer and choreographer . It is considered one of the founders of the Tango Nuevo . It is known primarily for ...
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Miguel Angel Zotto e Daiana Guspero

Miguel Angel Zotto, the face of tango

Miguel Angel Zotto was born August 7, 1958 in Vicente López , Buenos Aires. He comes from a genuine family " tango " with popular roots . Grew up ...
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Sebastian Arce e Mariana Montes

Sebastian Arce, an Argentine in Moscow

Ángel Sebastián Arce was born 19 May 1980 in Santiago del Estero , Argentina. Arce is one of the most popular dancers in the history of Argentine ...
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Juan Carlos Copes the master of masters

Juan Carlos Copes ( Buenos Aires 31 May 1931 ) is one of the most famous dancers in the history of tango. He contributed to the worldwide renaiss...
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