Miguel Angel Zotto was born August 7, 1958 in Vicente López , Buenos Aires. He comes from a genuine family ” tango ” with popular roots . Grew up listening to tango with his grandfather , who was a dancer, and with his father who was a dancer and actor.
At seventeen he began studying tango with several teachers . In 1979 he discovered Rodolfo Dinzel and the latter intensifies his studies. He danced in the ” milongas ” of Buenos Aires for six years. In 1984, teaches tango to the ” University Belgrano ” in Buenos Aires.
In 1985 he gets his first successes as a dancer on the show ” Jazmines ” by Ana María Steckelman , performed at the “Michelangelo” , Teatro Municipal General San Martín and on tour in Venezuela.
In 1985 he met Milena Plebs and in 1986 they began their career together as a duo of professional tango dancing in the hit Broadway hit “Tango Argentino ” of Segovia and Orezzoli , staying on the show for more than four years traveling across the United States, Canada , Venezuela , Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and Japan , where they are invited to the Tokyo Music Festival ’87 . Their tango teachers were Dinzel Rodolfo , Antonio Todaro, Pepito Avellaneda , Juan Carlos Copes , Finished, Petróleo , Virulazo and Elvira . Recite in the films “Tango , Bayle nuestro ” , by Jorge Zanada ; ” Flop” , by Eduardo Mignona and ” Speaking Carlos Gardel ” by Horacio Salgán and Horacio Ferrer.
In 1988 Miguel Angel Zotto, with Milena Plebs created “Tango x 2 Company” where they performed as principal dancers who are also directors and choreographers .
In 1989 they presented the first “Tango x 2″ In 1991 , the Theatre ” Houston Opera ” invited them to choreographed tango-opera ” María de Buenos Aires ” by Astor Piazzolla and Horacio Ferrer, in which Miguel Angel Zotto played the role of Cat . Miguel Angel Zotto, with Milena Plebs, received the ” María Ruanova ’91 Award” , the highest award for dance Argentine , given annually by the Consejo Argentino de la Danza . It ‘s the first time that this prize is awarded to tango.
In 1992 they performed at ‘ “Expo Sevilla” . That same year he performed with Robert Duvall in the documentary ” Tango! ” National Geographic .
In 1993 they presented their second production called “Perfumes de Tango” and have a triumphant season at Sadler’s Wells Theatre (London) . First U.S. tour , visiting numerous cities: New York, Washington , Boston , Philadelphia , Atlanta, etc .
In 1994 : Italy (Rome, Milan ) Palace of the Congress of Nanterre ( Paris), the International Festival of Athens ( Greece) ; International Festival of Dance ( Aix -en -Provence ), Moscow ( Russia) ; Cervantino Festival ’94 in Guanajuato and Monterrey ( Mexico) . First tour in Japan : Tokyo, Kyoto , Hiroshima , Osaka , etc. .
In 1995, the Hong Kong Arts Festival , Maison de la Dance ( Lyon ) , Albéniz Theatre ( Madrid). Great success with the second U.S. tour of the production “Tango x 2” . In the same year Miguel Angel Zotto participates as a teacher to ‘ “International Argentine Tango Congress at Northwestern University ” in’ Illinois ( USA) . summer in Buenos Aires at the Teatro ” Presidente Alvear .” In the same year , “Tango x 2″ represents Argentina in Belgium. They were invited by the European Economic Community . According successful tour in Japan : Tokyo, Fukuoka , Hiroshima , Kyoto , etc. .
In September takes place the debut of their show entitled ” Una Noche de Tango ” at the Teatro ” Presidente Alvear .” This show is initially created and performed at the Seventh Biennial of Contemporary Dance in Lyon (France ) . Then, they toured in Rome, London , New York and Santiago, Chile
In 1997 Miguel Angel Zotto receives the “Trinidad Guevara Award” for the choreography of the show ” Perfumes de Tango” . Presents ” Una Noche de Tango” to ‘ Avenida Theatre ( Buenos Aires ) . In the same year represent ” Perfumes de Tango” in Finland and Denmark and then presented both shows in many cities across the United States.
In 1998 he won the ” Gino Tani Award”, the most coveted prize of dance in Italy. Represent ” Una Noche de Tango ” at the Teatro ” Presidente Alvear ” in Buenos Aires. They leave for a tour in Italy , Finland, Germany , England, Greece and Israel presenting ” Perfumes de Tango” and remain three weeks in Rome representing ” Una Noche de Tango” . At the end of the year , the newspaper Clarín (Argentina ) indicates ” Una Noche de Tango” as “the best dance show of the year.”
In 1999 , taking part in the ” Festival Internacional de Cultura Paiz ” in Guatemala. Then they performed in Honduras, Nicaragua , Mexico and Chile in the same year Miguel Angel Zotto wins the ” Positano ” , one of the highest awards for dance assigned to Italy.
In January 2000 Miguel has a new show called “Z x 2″ , staged and performed, along with another Argentinian artist Pablo Ziegler (pianist ) , to ‘ Sydney Opera House (Australia) to the accompaniment of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.
In the spring of 2000, ” Una Noche de Tango” is represented in Milan, Turin ( Italy ) and London ( England) – for a period of six weeks – , then the Company returned to Lyon (France ) to participate together with the famous Argentine singer Jairo to a fascinating show – a set of Tango , Music and Folklore – dedicated to Argentina. In April , Miguel Angel Zotto was chosen in Argentina as one of the three best tango dancers of the century. In May , the Company presents ” Perfumes de Tango” in São Paulo (Brazil) inside the ‘ Argentinian Nacional Festival. In July and August to take part in ‘ “International Tango Festival ” with ” Una Noche de Tango” in the major cities of France, Italy and Denmark. From September to December Miguel Angel Zotto celebrates the tenth anniversary of the company “Tango x 2” accounting for an extended season “Perfumes de Tango ” at the Teatro Alver President of Buenos Aires.
2001 The new millennium began with the second performance of the show ” Z x 2″ , to ‘ Sydney Opera House (Australia) to the accompaniment of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. From March to July , a new European tour that touches Rome, Bologna , Florence and Milan ( Italy ), then a return for four weeks at the Peacock Theatre in London. The tour continues : Manchester, Evian (France ), Verona ( Italy ) and Innsbruck (Austria) . A season of five months in Buenos Aires , representing a new version of ” Una Noche de Tango ” at the Teatro Astral and the Metropolitan .
2002 Company presents ” Una Noche de Tango” in Hong Kong inside the ‘ Hong Kong Arts Festival.

In June Miguel Angel Zotto participates Opera ” Maria de Buenos Aires ” by Astor Piazzolla and Horacio Ferrer as a choreographer and dancer at the Teatro Comunale in Bologna and at the Teatro Alighieri in Ravenna , Italy. In July, the company Tango x 2 is ” Una Noche de Tango” in Graz (Austria ), Athens ( Greece) , Las Palmas de Gran Canarias (Spain) and Menton (France).
In March and April 2003 , the Company is ” Una Noche de Tango ” at the Teatro Tivoli in Barcelona , Spain. In June , Miguel participates in the ” Buenos Aires Tango Festival ” in Paris ( France) at the Chaillot National Theatre. The newspaper ” Liberation ” him as “the Maradona of the parquet .” In June Miguel Angel Zotto was named ” Academic ” from the “National Tango Academy ” in Buenos Aires. In July, Miguel Angel Zotto organizes an important Tango Classes Festival in Naples, Italy , called ” Napolitano tango .” In August we performed in Verona ( Italy ) with a show of tango and folklore entitled ” Argentina Tango y ” with Jairo and Koqui and Pajarín Saavedra . In September Miguel Angel Zotto presents the debut of a new show titled ” Tangos de la Cruz del Sur ” at the Teatro Astral in Buenos Aires. Miguel Angel Zotto according to the great master of the world of tango Horacio Ferrer in the history of tango for its choreography and the passion he has dedicated to the dance (see Annex).
In February 2004 , the Company presents its new show ” Tangos , A Leyenda ” in Bologna , Rome, Milan ( Italy ) and London ( England). Second edition of the Festival Tango Classes in Naples ( Italy ) , called ” Napolitano tango .”
2005 Miguel Angel Zotto takes part in the ” Cumbre de Tango” in Seville (Spain). Tours in Italy with ” Perfumes de Tango” Presentation of ” Tangos , a Leyenda ” in Greece and Hong Kong.
2006 – In January and February , the Company presents the debut of a new show called ” Su Historia ” at the Teatro Lola Membrives of Buenos Aires. From March to June , the Company presents ” Su Historia ” on tour in Switzerland, Italy and London ( England). 2007 – In January, the Company presents the debut of a new show called ” Su Historia ” at the New York City Center, the most important dance theater in New York. In March and April, making a five-week tour in the Netherlands ( Amsterdam and Rotterdam ) . In May, Miguel has participated in the Festival of Tango in Miami. At the end of July, the company has performed in Rosario . In the first two weeks of September will be in Italy for a short tour. The new show will be represented again in Italy : from 14 November to Granteatro of Rome , followed by a short series of shows in China and again in Italy (Pesaro and Bologna ) and from 17 December to Teatro degli Arcimboldi in Milan. Tango X2 has received a nomination for Best Foreign Dance Company in 2006 in England (see attached) .
2008 – In January, the company will be back at the City Center in New York and by the end of January to early April in England. In April and May in Buenos Aires the first exhibition ” Miguel Angel Zotto ‘s Buenos Aires Tango ” at the Teatro Astral . In April he received the Diploma of Honor , awarded by the Council for the Argentine dance , in recognition of his fruitful career of teaching. In April he received the Diploma of Honor , awarded by the Council for the Argentine dance , in recognition of his fruitful career of teaching. It closes in the month of August, the sixth World Tango in Buenos Aires with Mariano Mores . In December he made a tour that introduces the new show ” Miguel Angel Zotto ‘s Buenos Aires Tango in Italy. Went on a tour in big cities : Bologna, Milan , Catanzaro, Power , among others.
2009 – Continue tour to Italy in January. By numerous tango classes and workshops in major cities in Europe : Milan, Rome, London , Athens, among others. The performance of TANGO X 2 “Perfumes de Tango “, ” Una Noche de Tango “, ” Tangos de la Cruz del Sur “, ” Su Historia ” y ” Miguel Angel Zotto ‘s Buenos Aires Tango” had a great reception in Buenos Aires, by doing 20 consecutive years , presentandose 3 seasons in’90 , in’94 2 seasons , 2 seasons in’96 . Alternating their performances in the most important theaters of the road ” Corrientes ” , and the main cities of the world. having recovered l ‘ authenticity of the scene of tango dance .

Miguel Angel Zotto and Daiana Guspero dance the ” Milonga ” at the Salone Margherita in Naples (March 2009)

Miguel Angel Zotto and Milena Plebs dance La Cumparsita