Felix Picherna was born in Recife, 180 km from Buenos Aires, and has Italian ancestors. Felix is the most popular Argentine musicalizador in Italy, the master of all, the walking encyclopedia of the tango. During the milonga always knows unexpected surprise with tangos. Travel through Europe with a suitcase full of cassettes, which still used to dance tango for young and old. He met in his career the greatest interpreters of tango: Miguel Calo, Roberto Firpo, Francisco Canaro, Julio DeCaro, Anibal Troilo, Carlos Di Sarli, Tita Merello, Juan Carlos Copes, Maria Nieves.
He has worked in more traditional milongas of Buenos Aires: Pavadita Salon, Club Almagro, Confiteria Ideal, Saavedra, Pinocho and Sunderland.
Felix, considered a true ambassador of Argentine culture, has been invested by the Academia Nacional del Tango de Buenos Aires under the title of ‘Guardian of the art of tango’. In his evenings, as well as tangos, milongas and vals, every two or three hours of dancing is usually puts a boogie woogie or rock ‘n roll. Picherna is the subject of several documentaries about the tango and the photo book, the work of Dino and Franco Vittimberga Finocchiaro, ” Tango felix . Musicalizador El Picherna .”

Video interview with Felix Picherna :

Trailer of the documentary ” Esta es mi vida ”

Felix was the star of the documentary ” Walking tango in Moscow ” , here ‘s the trailer :