The 2×4 is perhaps the best known among radio entirely devoted to tango, very popular in Buenos Aires, Argentina, reached via the web tango enthusiasts from around the world.
The programming of the 2×4 is a good reflection of the complexity of the world tango, which emerges vital and constantly evolving. In his broadcasts is well dosed the presence of classic, from the origins of the tango, and new proposals to exploit the new young players.
Great personalities of the world of tango have their own space in this radio: Marcelo Guaita with “The Fonola” and “Dos por Guaita” Anselmo Marini in “Desde el Alma”, Luis Tarantino with “El Arranque” and “Concierto 2×4 “Lionel Godoy in” La Noche with Amigos” and many other leading experts who, on a daily basis, providing data, information and stories that contribute to the force of this beloved genre of music at the global level.

You can listen to the 2×4 through the following link: